Security Systems for Home

Technology that Keeps you Safe

With advanced technological innovations invading almost every sphere of man’s life, can the security industry be far behind? This is more so since it concerns the safety of loved ones at home or important and classified documents in office, not to mention plants and machinery in the manufacturing industry.

There is not an iota of doubt that there is an increasing threat perception the world over – from terrorists, from hackers and from the usual thieves and robbers. It is no longer enough to live behind heavily padlocked doors and windows, what is necessary is to have systems in place that will help trace intruders into your premises and recover stolen goods and items. Additionally, as an incentive for home owners, the premium payable on home insurance is substantially lower if you have hi-tech security systems installed in your house.

What then are the modern technological innovations and marvels that you should harness to keep your home safe from wanted external elements?

  • CCTV cameras – These are the eyes that keep a round the clock visual track of your home. It is prudent to install them both internally and externally. External CCTV cameras are the bullet shaped types that have a very wide field of vision. Moreover, they can operate in almost zero light conditions and hence are a great help even in low light. Studies have shown that such cameras installed on the external walls of your home act as a deterrent to potential robbers and burglars. The latest internal cameras can be fitted flush with the ceiling to escape detection. Further, apart from operating i9n low light, these are motion activated. Any movement detected by the sensors immediately trigger the cameras. Hence, recording is not round the clock and valuable disc space on the recorder is saved. All such devices are wirelessly connected to the recorder.
  • Front door video phone – Consider this scenario – the front door bell rings, you open the door and one or more intruders push in past you. A common incidence in the past but not anymore thanks to advanced Alarm Installation Melbourne. A video phone has a camera installed above the front door with a two way communication phone. Now you can see who is calling and then ask him for his credentials and purpose of visit before letting him in. By having this device installed, you are in one stroke increasing the security of your home manifold.
  • Home monitoring – It is not enough to have the best systems in place only, you should also ensure that your premises are observed round the clock. If you are not at home or have gone with family for an extended vacation, any break-in will set off alarms but who will monitor what has happened. Security agencies today have round the clock monitoring services. In case of an intrusion if alarms are set off or movement noticed on your CCTV monitor or even if smoke alarms are activated, the control room of the agency will be notified immediately and you and your nominated person will be accordingly informed. It is similar to a 24 hour security guard being posted in your home. One of the top agencies offering this service in Melbourne, Australia is One-Tech Security.

With each passing day, home security systems are getting increasingly sophisticated. Install one in your home for complete peace of mind.

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