Essential Features for Your Cleaning Company Website

Before coming to the essential features that your cleaning company should have, it is necessary to know why a business website is so important in any modern trade and commerce scenario. With the exponential boom in the use of smart phones and tablets and other Internet enabled devices like laptops, more and more people are searching the Internet for products and services, comparing the pros and cons and then coming to a purchase decision.

Now if the site does not have a strong online presence and does not rank high on results pages of major search engines, it will miss the notice of potential clients resulting in lost business opportunities. It can be damaging for businesses in the long run. In such a situation any company today must have a website that draws in large volumes of traffic. From here, even a small percentage converting to firm orders mean that there will be a considerable rise in business growth and development. This is one reason why you should always entrust web design and development to top of the line agencies in this field.

The first step is to ensure that the content of your site is optimised with relevant keywords. It is a long drawn and research oriented method and identifies the exact words that searchers are typing in to look for similar products and services. Once these are found, they should be incorporated in your cleaning website. A case in point is the website of Brighten Serv Australia, one of the top cleaning companies operating in Melbourne and its suburbs. If you search for such keywords as “domestic cleaning” or “commercial cleaning” you’ll find their name within the top few on results pages. Clients looking for cleaning services will contact them immediately. This is what your website should be too.

Another point, and this is especially important, is to have a responsive website. This idea too is a modern phenomenon and has been necessitated by the increasing use of handheld Internet enabled devices. Your website should be equally compatible with large screen options such as desktops and laptops and the small screen version of tablets and mobiles. This is done by all leading businesses today and your cleaning company should have a similar website too. All features and contents of the website should be equally navigable and user-friendly in both cases. This will again enhance your visibility and help those making online searches from small devices.

For increasing brand awareness and spreading the message of your cleaning business to as large an audience as possible, SMM or Social Media Marketing should be the chosen route. Social media platforms and advertisements there will carry your message far and wide and if your services are really top of the line, discussions and “likes” of your site will draw in more customers, at least queries which may convert to business. This is probably the most used and effective form of online marketing strategy today. For this to be successful, you might have to go back to the roots and have a really attractive site developed by the professionals.

Incorporate these points in your site and you cannot possibly go wrong with your cleaning business.

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