Dental Technologies

Dental Technologies which can Improve Your Smile

The world today is riding on a technological wave which has invaded almost every aspect of today’s life. From driverless cars to 3D printing to smart phones, technology is being harnessed to make life simpler and easier for all. Even in the area of looking beautiful, technological advancements are playing a big role. Treatments have become quicker, non–invasive and even the more complex cosmetic surgery procedures today require minimum downtime and recuperation periods. Dental procedures too are using newer methods to ensure that everybody can have a broad and beautiful smile to back up their looks. Such treatments have become very popular today because of their affordability and excellent results.

What are the advantages of improved technologies in dental care? The first of course is optimised patient care as latest tools are used in diagnostics and earlier detection of gum and oral diseases. Secondly, less invasive procedures make for shorter downtime and quicker recuperation as well as fewer repeat visits to the clinic. Finally, better quality implants and veneers are replacing dentures and bridges to restore cracked and missing teeth, resulting in a dazzling and winning smile. All this is possible because dental programs have included modern dental practices in their curriculum. For example Australian dental courses have compulsorily included these in their courses and those who complete them acquire a high degree of professional expertise in this field. For more details, visit

Here are some of the dental technologies in practice today.

  • Teeth Whitening – While this practice is certainly not new, modern methodologies are used by dentists now to quicken the process. Years of drinking tea, coffee and alcohol can play havoc with teeth colour. One of the advanced and professional teeth whitening treatment is Zoom Whitening System. A bleaching gel is first applied to the teeth directly. The gel is then activated by a powerful light. The whole process is over in under an hour not to talk about its affordability. It is estimated that teeth can be made about ten shades whiter than what it was through this treatment.
  • Invisalign – There are several ways to correct crooked teeth which severely affect the aesthetics of a smile. Braces which have been used till recently to align teeth are so obvious and visible that most people prefer to put off this procedure. The latest technique is Invisalign which makes use of clear plastic trays for teeth alignment. These trays or aligners are created through 3D technologies and fit so close around the teeth that they are hardly noticeable.
  • 3D i-CAT Scans for Dental Implants – Latest dental practices have taken the guesswork out of treatments. Before taking up implants, dentists undertake 3D digital scans of the bone structure and tooth orientation. This helps to plan out the placements of implants to perfection making sure not only of the stability of the implants but also the best possible outcome of the process.
  • CeraRoot Dental Implants – Dental implants till very recently was a mix of metal and porcelain. Now, CeraRoot dental implants are made from zirconium a form of ceramic. This material is bio-compatible and hence provides a higher bonding and integration between the bone and implant thereby reducing the possibility of any initial inflammation. Further, implants without metal components are easier to clean and also helps in maintaining healthier gums.

Technology and modern innovations get dated quickly and newer ones are constantly replacing them. Hence it is necessary that dentists keep themselves updated consistently with the latest know-how in this field.

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