Choosing the Right Theme for your Website

In the online digital Internet driven business environment today, prospective clients will not visit your office to transact business. It will be done online with some basics like signing contracts being left to a personal visit. In this scenario, your website is the face of your business and you should get the theme just right to attract high volumes of traffic.

What then is the theme of a website? It is a design, a layout that mirrors the business you are in. It consists of page layout, widget areas and default styles. There are hundreds of paid themes that are available on WordPress and the right choice has to be made to optimise the aesthetics of the website.

There are three basic points that need to be decided upon in this regard.

  • The reason for publishing the website – Visualise your website first. Decide what you want your primary page and landing pages to look like. Choose a theme that has the number of grids you need. Widgets and menus are the best ways to organise links and posts on your site. For example, in a restaurant portal, a link will lead to menu card and items they serve. For a cleaning company specialising in office cleaning, testimonials, blog spots and services offered are important. The Sela theme with seven widget area with choices for testimonials will be ideal in this case.
  • What are the features that you will need – This depends on the business you are in and the theme can be decided upon accordingly. There are themes that will exclusively match the needs of your company, sector or industry. Make a list of features that you require so that you will know instantly if the selected theme will be what you want. To customise your site, have a “More” in the drop down menu to include your exclusive needs.
  • How should your website feel and look – It is possible to filter set themes to get exactly what your company needs. You might want background colours and specific custom headers to go with your brand logo. A high degree of customisation is possible through the “Custom Design” menu.

Give a careful thought to what your business represents before deciding on a theme.

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